Friday, May 26, 2017

I was commissioned to paint 3 songbirds for a music production program in NJ.  Along with the sweet sounds of the musicians, these songbirds have also been given their own sweet song.

~Prints are available for purchase.

                      "Carolina Wren"    (sold)
                           "Purple Finch"    (sold)  

                          "Song Sparrow"   (sold)
A Woodland Animal Series isn't complete without a Black Bear. I hope you have enjoyed these paintings. Now onto another project. 

                                 "Black Bear"

               $200.00   8x8 Watercolor on Aquaboard

Opossum are fascinating creatures, I wanted to paint its charm in this often unattractive marsupial. This upside down fellow is a bit easier on the eye. (Woodland Animal Series)                                                                                 "Opossum"  
               $150.00  8x8 Watercolor on Aquaboard